OxeBox is a digital receipts solution that helps users earn reward coins to save paper and email receipts on OxeBox mobile app. To earn reward coins users need to snap a picture of receipt and submit on OxeBox app, Once users have collected 50 reward coins, they can redeem them for a PayTM wallet credit of the same amount in ₹ (INR). Frequently active participants also become eligible for bonus opportunities including short surveys, custom offers etc, all of which earn you even more coins and real money.
You can upload the receipts via OxeBox app or you can email them at

Within OxeBox app, you have option to choose a receipt photo via camera or gallery and upload it along with other required information.

For online transaction receipts, you need to forward them to email address from your registered OxeBox email address and receipts should be synced-into your OxeBox account in a couple of minutes. Bill receipts submitted as image for online bills via OxeBox app are not eligible for cash rewards., The forwarded email receipts can have bill information in either email body or in the attachments. If bill is available in the attachment, it should be in the PDF format only, otherwise it will not be processed.
Please regularly check this section for updates and latest guidelines.

Guidelines for receipts accepted on OxeBox app :
1. Only receipts for products by you and your family will be accepted
2. Receipts must be clear and contain detailed information:
- Store information (name and address)
- List of purchase (product name in details, product code, product quantity, product price, total price)
- Date and time of purchase
3. Receipts must not be crumpled, torn, obsolete, upside down or covered
4. Receipts must not be a duplicate or reprint
5. Receipts must not be longer than 7 (Seven) days after purchase date
6. Receipts that are generated by automated cash registers, and are not hand-written or manually typed.
7. Only receipts from your own country
8. Receipts must be of normal size of printed store receipts (not A4 size, not invoices)
9. Do not split a single purchase to make multiple receipts.
You can forward your online transaction bill receipts to from your registered OxeBox email address. Once processed successfully, you should get an app notification and receipts should be available in your OxeBox account.
It's most likely because you haven’t verified your registered OxeBox email address, you should be able to see if your email is verified or not from settings page in the app.
During signup you get an email to verify your email, and once verification is done, you can see all the bill receipts sent from your email address.
If you have lost the verification email, you can resend the email verification link from settings page by clicking on “Verifiy now” link
No, at the moment we support only one email address per account. If you forward email receipts from any email account other than registered one, it will not be processed.
We work with market research companies that works with the leading consumer goods brands and retailers. Your receipt data along with the answers to any survey questions you answer will be made anonymous and summarized in market research reports for the brands that purchase this data. They pay us & we pay you!
Your receipt data along with the answers you provide to optional surveys is made anonymous and summarized in market research reports that brands purchase. These companies pay for information such as your brand preferences, buying, consumption behaviour etc. You can always rest assured that all research data is anonymous.
OxeBox is available for use within Bangalore, India only for now. Receipts obtained from within other cities will not be accepted for rewards. We’d love to help users in other cities and countries depending on the demand, so do let us know on If you still want to use the product you can use it as long as you want for expense tracking and receipt management, but the reward program will be not applicable to you.
1 Receipt = *Upto 1 Reward Coin
1 Reward Coin = 1 Indian Rupee

Receipt Total Amount Reward Coins
INR 0-100 0.20 INR
INR 101-250 0.40 INR
INR 251-500 0.6 INR
INR 501-1000 0.8 INR
INR 1000+ 1 INR

Users can encash only when they have earned 50 reward coins.
Reward coins can also be earned by referrals. You can refer your friends and family to sign-up on OxeBox. Users can earn upto 20 reward coins for every referral.
Once you’ve reached the redeemable limit of 50 coins, you’ll be eligible for either a PayTM cash redemption or an Amazon gift card. Head over to your Profile page & select Redeem Coins to see your coin balance and redemption options. The more coins you earn, the higher the payout, so it pays to save! Once you’re eligible for your first payout, simply select the option you want and follow the guided instructions. After completing your redemption request, don't forget to keep an eye out for emails from note that it may take up to 7 days for your redemption request to be reviewed and approved.
Congrats on reaching the redeem limit! Once you cash out, your redemption request will be reviewed and approved within 7 days of your request date. Just be sure to check both your email inbox and any spam folders for any emails from
Once you’ve earned 50 coins, you can do a direct PayTM transfer to the account of your choice.
Always be sure to check your Spam and Trash folders for emails from us! Once you cash out, your redemption request will be reviewed and approved within 7 days of your request date. Be sure to check both your email inbox and any spam folders for any emails from
To ensure that you and our participants are all rewarded fair and square, we needed to establish some ground rules: Please note that any receipt flagged under these thresholds will not qualify for rewards. However, if you feel a receipt was incorrectly flagged, don’t worry! Please report this to us on and we will take care of it.
Old Receipts
A receipt must be uploaded to the app no more than 15 days after the transaction date as it appears on the receipt.
Store Threshold
Regardless of the day they are uploaded and the location of the business, you can upload up to 3 receipts from the same store with the same transaction date. Receipts contribute to this threshold as they are processed in our system so if you upload more than 3 receipts at once, the 3 receipts that finish processing first will qualify. Shorter receipts tend to process before longer receipts and may cause the long receipts to no longer qualify for rewards. Longer receipts naturally may take a bit longer to process since they have more information.
All system generated paper or email receipts are accepted for reward. No handwritten or manual receipts will be accepted. Retailer types include:
- Grocery / Supermarket
- Food Delivery
- Restaurant
- Cabs
- Liquor
- Insurance
- Beauty Products
- Furnishings
- Furniture
- Fashion
- Pharmacy
- Footwear
- Baby Products
- Appliances
- Mobile
- Laptop
- Pet Supply

The following type of receipts are not eligible for reward coins
- Train Tickets
- Bus Tickets
- Fuel Bills
- Debit & Credit Card Transaction Slips
If your receipt has been disqualified as a Duplicate it means that receipt already exists in our database. This usually means one of the following:
1. Uploading a receipt more than once If you upload a receipt more than once, whether that receipt is still processing or not, your receipt will be flagged as a duplicate. Please do not re-upload a receipt unless prompted to do so after the receipt has finished processing.
2. Hidden or Archived receipts Hiding receipts does not delete them. They will continue to process even after being hidden from your Receipts page. If you re-uploaded a receipt that was hidden, whether finished processing or still processing, your receipt will be flagged as a duplicate.
3. Sharing receipts If you upload a receipt that was already uploaded by another OxeBox user your receipt will be flagged as a duplicate.
You are in complete control over the information you choose to share with OxeBox. OxeBox does not sell your personal data to marketers; it is aggregated for use in anonymous market research reports. OxeBox will NOT see your credit or bank card numbers. The receipts you submit do NOT contain this information as only the last 4-digits of the card number are printed on receipts in order to protect your privacy and identity. If you purchase any specific items that you don't want to make visible to OxeBox, simply mark over them before taking pictures of the receipt so that they cannot be read. You may also simply not submit a receipt at any time for any reason -- you are always in control of what information you share with us. For additional information, please read our complete privacy policy.